That's a long topic, Tom. Basically, some of both. Lots of the classic murals were done under WPA auspices, so had to be something of public interest. At the same time artists' were rebelling, which
at that point in history amounted to Social Realism, which was abhorred by many as a Commie plot, but backed by FDR, and now considered part of our mainstream natl heritage, except for a few Tea
Party crackpots who actually want them demolished. Her personal work ranged much wider in subject
and media choice, and really cannot be commercially valued because it's all locked up in major museum or private collection, and never comes up for sale. But things haven't changed much. I've
had directors of major museum sitting at my dinner table cracking jokes about all the stupid artspeak
going around, and all the idiotic things they themselves do just to pique public interest and sell
museum tickets.