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Glad that you are picking up the fly rod.... I'm in a similar spot myself..... I have been re-introduced to guitar playing after leaving it alone for 30 years or so! So a year ago, bought a used acoustic/electric.. A lightly used Fender Malibu acoustic electric actually..... Then in June of this year, i bought a jumbo Epiphone EJ200 acoustic electric..... Now i have a used Fender American made Strat on 30 day hold at guitar center.. They do that near me so as to make sure its not stolen. This purchase was not something i was going to do at first as i was in the market for a telecaster nashville (made in mexico) for a lot less.. When the sales guy said we are out the nashville's but check this out.. It was used like once or twice at most. Just finger prints, and strap still in bag, case as new for only $100 more than the Mexican made telecaster was going to be... $599 It was a little more, but saved me having lay out over $1100 to buy the strat new. I lucked out in being in the right place at the right time for once.. Not something that happens a lot to me! When something quality comes along at a price that is a no brainer.... Seize the day as they say...... Now I've gone and played a Martin acoustic...... That was a mistake and realized that with my first two acoustic purchases, i could have bought the Martin guitar and be happy... Sigh.
Andrew, how about a black Les Paul?