The other way is to buy used top-of-the-range kit.

I have a 1/2" drive ratchet from the wonderfully named "King Dick" (made in Britain in the days when we still did heavy engineering). I merely stripped it down, cleaned everything with WD40 and then washing up liquid as a degreaser, and reassembled it with a fresh dollop of axle grease in the mechanism. In terms of feel it's spot on, precise, solid, but not too heavy and not at all difficult to use. I don't use it anything like as much as the manufacturer evidently intended (I'm not a pro, but do as much of my own car servicing as I feel comfortable with). Wonder how many of these are lurking at the back of old sheds while young mechanics pay mad sums for Snap-On or similar!

As for turntables you can often find something which would once have been very upmarket for pennies. I have a direct drive GEC one (A3000-P) which includes fine adjustment and a built-in strobe to set the speed perfectly. I did have to replace the cartridge as I couldn't find a stylus, and I might well replace the headshell in the end as it seems to have the same fitting as much newer ones. Cost about 25 as it doesn't seem a particularly well-known name, but works superbly, plays at the correct speeds, and sounds good even with a cheap stylus on.