When I was 16 my family took a trip to Mexico and Baja California. For the trip we bought really nice high tech fishing gear.

At Cabo San Lucas at the time there was a cannery pier that the locals fished on, we decided to give it a try there. The water was beautiful and clear, we actually watched the fish "sniff" and "chase" our hooks but we couldn't get any thing to really bite.

Given the lack of success the morning turned into people watching mostly, the locals were doing better using little more than sticks. That was bad enough but then another local wanders up with 2 Coke cans (steel) wrapped in line, big hook on one, medium hook on the other.

This gentleman borrowed a piece of chum from a buddy and baits the medium hook. Inside 5-minutes he pulls in a Perch that would have made a fine meal for four, nope. Time for the big hook, he sticks it through the body then when the barb comes out the other side he twists it just so, so that the barb comes back through the other way. Twice around over his head like a lasso and the Perch is on his way back to the ocean.

Inside another five minutes there is a struggle going on, at the end of 20 there is a grouper being gaffed and pulled from the water, maybe 100 pounds of fish flopping on the pier inside thirty minutes.

Since that day I have spent very little on fishing gear.

That said I do enjoy a nice machine, especially when it is a good tool. I even include my modded Holga in that group.