Few days ago met a gentleman about my age at a gun shop. As I was leaving he asked me if I made a trade, he was a gun collector. I told him I was know to collect old film cameras, he said he also had cameras from years back. He mentioned a few brands, asked if I would like to see them. To make a long story short he called me today said he had a box and to met him up by where I live. In the box Rolleicord lll, leather case, and original lens cap. Also a Yashica A, case is shot, camera never had but a few rolls run in it, a Rollei E110, and two 8mm movie cameras. One is a Kodak and the other is a Bell and Howell with cases.
Then he tells me a he has filters for the Rolleicord and a Kodak Retina lll and as soon as he can find them he will give me a call. This is a story you always hear but it came true for me

I will smilinging while I sleep tonight.