what frits said -- no edge numbers mean it was improperly developed -- who did you take it to? Acros is B/W film and needs to be processed in b/w chemicals, NOT color film chemicals -- my guess: Some kid who doesn't know there's a difference ran it through the c-41 machine, which may explain the orange color, or may not. I mean, b.w film comes out clear or slightly gray/purple, not orange.

almost wonder if they slipped you a blank/bad roll of old color film back.

There IS b/w film that is processed in c-41 -- kodak makes some, and ilford's xp2, and some labs even wonder "how do I process this" and I have to carefully point to the "process c-41" on the roll. The reverse mistake is also very possible.

Find a good custom lab that knows, or send your film to Blue Moon in Seattle, or even bester, learn to do your own. It is insanely easy.