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...almost wonder if they slipped you a blank/bad roll of old color film back....
I wouldn't be surprised if they did. The lab is likely trying to cover up their mistake. And for most unknowing customers that may work just fine. But they don't know you have a forum of enthusiasts and experts behind you.

I doubt Acros has an orange base, even when processed in whatever. C41 or E6 cannot tint the base or emulsion like that. A heavy orange base would make it challenging to print correctly using a conventional B&W process, including Multigrade paper.

As summicron1 said, it looks like a roll of generic Color Negative stock (print film) was handed back to you. A gray/purplish gray is more to be expected for a B&W film base.

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...or even bester, learn to do your own. It is insanely easy.
Absolutely! And it's fun too.