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what frits said -- no edge numbers mean it was improperly developed -- who did you take it to? Acros is B/W film and needs to be processed in b/w chemicals, NOT color film chemicals -- my guess: Some kid who doesn't know there's a difference ran it through the c-41 machine, which may explain the orange color, or may not. I mean, b.w film comes out clear or slightly gray/purple, not orange.

almost wonder if they slipped you a blank/bad roll of old color film back.

There IS b/w film that is processed in c-41 -- kodak makes some, and ilford's xp2, and some labs even wonder "how do I process this" and I have to carefully point to the "process c-41" on the roll. The reverse mistake is also very possible.

Find a good custom lab that knows, or send your film to Blue Moon in Seattle, or even bester, learn to do your own. It is insanely easy.
Thanks for the knowledge!

The lab is Dale Laboratories in Hollywood, Florida.

I drooped two rolls that day; one Acros and the other a generic B&W film that came with one Electro 35 I bought. Based on their invoice the first order for the Acros Shows the CODE "BWDEV36" and for the second roll the CODE "C41DEV36". Funny thing is I called them two weeks ago to check if they can develop Acros and their response was a serious yes.