Hi everyone!

I've been dabbling in photography for the past five or so years. I started off digitally and then added a Mamiya 645 to the mix along with a few Pentax ME cameras. I eventually sold the Mamiya to concentrate on my Digital shooting so the film cameras sat on my shelf, unused. Lately, however, I felt the urge to go back to film. I realized that I love the entire process of film, from the moment I pop the plastic container to load the film to the moment where I pull the wet negatives out of the tank to see my (hopefully) exposed shots. Compounding the desire to go back to film was my latest outing with my D200, which was a photo walk around Toronto. I really felt the weight of the gripped D200 and 24-70 2.8 and it felt like a brick in my hands. I decided the cheapest way for me to remedy this AND get back to shooting film was to pick up a small, lightweight rangefinder. To that end I bought a few Russian Leica knockoffs and settled down with my new favourite: the Zorki 6.

I have nothing against digital. I plan to buy a small NEX-5N at some point to augment the Zorki, but there's nothing quite like shooting a film camera using only your wits and Sunny/16 to make you feel like the image you capture is truly YOURS

Also just picked up a bulk loader and 100' of kentmere 400 from freestyle. Can't wait to be make a few 10 shot rolls so I can focus less on blowing through a whole roll of 36 images before I can adjust what ISO I push to.

Anyway, hope to be around for a while. Definitely looking forward to reading up on other people's workflows