Back when the FA was the new kid in town! I had started out with the F2AS and then bought the F3HP for an inexpensive motor drive. I would at that time seriously considered buying an FM2 or FE2 as secondary camera. The FA was never considered. It's price was close to that of the F3 and it doesn't have the built nor speed of the F3 (I am talking frame per second and not the 1/4000 shutter speed). I have never used shutter speed above 1/1000. The FA has a confusing information display, primarily because it has too many to display and not enough mean to do it. The matrix meter was interesting but I had doubt. I didn't know whether I was right until 2002 when I bought my F5 and found that its matrix meter kept underexpose my negative and not by a constant. I had the FA used recently for about a few weeks. I sold it. I wasn't wrong when I decided back in the 80's that the FA wasn't for me.