I bought a Wooden Toko 4x5 for my main camera in commercial studio because it has 14 inches of bellows and rear shift and rear focus. The extra bellows allowed me to do table top work with a 210 lens. I used that camera everyday for 10 years and was never too gentle with it. I still have it and still use it and it is beat and battered and scarred but it still is tight and the original bellows are still good. There is one bit of play that has developed in the rear but it is because of the worn metal part that tightens the rear shift. I stick credit card in the gap and it is fine.

I also have a zone 6 wooden 8x10 that has seen as much use as my old 4x5. I have had collapsing tripod accidents twice and had to get carpenters glue and put the camera back together. Still it is not warped and it is as solid as ever and light tight.