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If I were into cameras and status I would buy an Ebony. But since I am into form, function and above all, making a great living from my photographs, I bought a Chamonix 45N-2 and so have plenty of other large format shooting pros, even Kerry Thalman now uses one.

I have noticed a lot of your posts verge on gear precision paranoia and big price tag gear....are you really into making photographs then?

Just saying man, a great photographer could take any well made wooden field camera and make stunning imagery happen....just say'n...
I can see how my posts read that way. Yes I am into making photographs - and prints, and no I am not into status or gear for the sake of gear. But yes, I am somewhat of an obsessive stickler for precision, and I find LF purchases difficult to make because there isn't anywhere I can go to actually see or try anything before buying.