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Gareth, the Zeiss Ikon lists at B&H for $1619, but it is available for only 780 GBP ($1425 USD) at Robert White in London.

If you like autofocus but want to be able to take advantage of the benefits of rangefinder lenses, look at the Contax G2. Pricies are low now.

Bill, yes I have noticed that prices of Contax G1's and 2's are very keen these days. And I understand the optics are excellant. Do you know if the wider lenses have good hyper-focal markings? Or are they pure auto-focus cameras. I think at some point I really need to get my hands on some of these cameras. Next time I'm up North (in Scotland) I'll maybe pop into Ffords, they seem to have a good selction of rangefinders, in fact they seem to have every type of camera you could ever desire.

Only 780? Only? Well I suppose if it's good it's a steal compared to Leica!

Anyway I'll try and get my borrowed Canonet working and have some fun with it.

Oh aye the one I really desire is the Bronica RF645. Lenses are limited and slow, but what a lovely camera! I have been very tempted by Robert White's clearance price on them. I'm amazed he is still advertising them at that price.