Thanks everyone!

My experience in film is mostly with AP400 and HP5+ in both 35mm and 120, but for some reason when I put in my order with Freestyle this time I decided to be cheap and only spend $35 on film instead of $45. The Kentmere 400 looked pretty decent and somewhat similar to HP5+ characteristically so I'm hoping it's not too far off what I'm used to.

I figure if worst comes to worst I'll relegate it to "practice" film and buy a roll of Arista Premium 400. I've got a bunch of 35mm cameras that I still have to test light seals and lenses on, so one way or another this film will get used

As for Hamilton, I'm a little disappointed in that it doesn't seem to be a very photogenic city. There's a few nice spots, but for the most part it's either cookie-cutter suburbs, run-down downtown, or waterfalls. I'm not much of a run-down downtown shooter since (to be blunt) Toronto offers more interesting sights in all respects, and I kind of feel like if you've seen one photo of a waterfall you've seen them all. I tend to make all my photo outings in Toronto since it's much easier to get a variety of subjects and settings within walking distance. I'm primarily a street shooter so this factors in in a big way