When I had to give up film photography for a while due to general life stuff and having babies, I took up another antiquated pass-time: I learned to knit. Now I knit, dye yarn, and I'll be designing several patterns next year. You'd think that making your own clothing would go out of style because of the fact that buying it is so *cheap* nowadays...but, yeah, not so much. With the cheap price comes cheap quality, which I'm not exactly happy with, to be quite honest. Sweaters made out of ACRYLIC? Not for me. Same with cameras made of plastic and images in solely digital format.

I mean, you can pry my DSLR from my cold, dead hands, but I've held onto the Burke & James 5x7 and the Mamiya C3 for the last three years. I don't really see myself giving them up any time soon.