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Are you saying photography can't be art? If photographs never rise to the level of art, I'd agree with you. But, since I often think it does, I'd have to disagree. If a photographer has created a work of art, why shouldn't he/she call him/herself an artist? It's a fairly generic term, which helps to define the photographer's goal.
Photography can be "Art" but very rarely it's mainly craft I.M.O., the World is awash with self proclaimed artists and fine artists, as my mother used to say " self advertizement is no recommendation ".
The idea that photography is art is a very recent concept mainly created by photographers agents and gallerys who want to sell their work, most of the most of the great photographers we admire who were producing work that we consider to be art these days, if you would have told them they were "Artists" at the time would have laughed in your face.