Hey guy

I've gotten my hands on a few rolls of each of the following,

Kodacolor-X (which I just saw in my freezer actually, and since it's Kodak I can probably find that info more easily but figured I would add it since I'm here anyway).

Fomachrome (which MAY be E-6? But it only has Russian on it so I can't really be sure).

ORWO Color (which I also haven't yet looked for but assume it's hard to find data).

And finally,

AGFA Agfacolor Ultra-K 40 ASA (which I've done the most research since I've already shot a roll on a modeling shoot).

I mention the ASA specifically because it seems there were quite a few variants of the ultra film, and possibly a few K versions, certainly TONS of Agfacolor versions.

Now I smelled the roll when I took it out and it did not have any heavy vinegar smell, so I'm hoping it's in some way good.

Two questions (for all films)

1. Obviously does anyone know or have a book that will give me the times, temps, special old fashioned procedures, and chemical equivalents available today?

And 2. Should I even bother processing as color or should I just process as B&W because I'll have too many color shifts? And if so suggested procedures for B&W chemistry?

I really would love to see the color, even if it's bad but finding any info on this seems impossible.

Anyome know of a book that I could look for that has this data that was written back then (1950-1960's)?

Thanks guys!