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So I assume that many photographers produce work that could be considered fine art and/or art? Perhaps putting a label on anything like this is not a good idea.
I agree that the discussion ought to be about "some" rather than all.

Think about pottery. Clearly some pottery is made to be, and achieves, "fine art" status. But other pottery is just coffee cups in a rack.

No one argues that pottery isn't both utilitarian and a medium for art.

Someone brought up the medium point pages back. Clearly snapshots at a family gathering don't work their way up to art just because you have them in a scrapbook. Just as clearly images designed to evoke a response and staged appropriately are more than the memory jogging memento under grandmother's coffee table.

In my mind the art/memento dichotomy is determined by intent.

I'll stay out of the "fine" fray. That is fraught with hyperbole.