If you weren't out shooting masterpieces Saturday you should have been at the Valley Photo Center in Springfield enjoying some with Bob and Laura Carnie. This is outstanding work. Each of them have exceptional vision and technique and it all comes together in this exhibit.

Lauras' Lambda printed infrared images are just what you imagine infrared imaging could be. They are jaw dropping.

And Bob's "Alchemy of Light" represents years of methodical finessing of light and chemistry that is only learned by doing. There are no books written that approach his handling of paper, light and chemistry.

This is an exhibit that is well worth visiting if only to see what can be done with photography. If you can't make it to Springfield the exhibit will be on display in Calgary and then moving west. Catch it in a city near you.

This is a first class exhibit and Gene LaFord and crew should be congratulated for bringing it off.

My only regret is that I didn't snap a picture of the group, how dumb of me. I'm sorry for that. It didn't dawn on me until I was halfway home.