I have an M2 and and M3 and want a 28mm lens. Obviously I will not have framelines... I'm thinking of composing with the entire window and/or adding an external viewfinder for now. However, it seems that many people are much happier with a ZI or a lower magnified M body, as the framelines are easier to see. I will go this route in the future, perhaps.

1. Are all 0.72 viewfinders the same size? In theory, I guess they can be the same magnification but just larger and thus make 28mm framelines easier to see. I ask because some of the later M's have 28mm framelines but are of the same magnification. In theory I can just add 28mm framlines to my M2, I think.

2. Anyone know how much it costs to add 28mm framelines onto an M2/M4/M4-2. I don't have an M4/M4-2 but incase one body is easier to work on than the others.

3. What's a good price on a 0.58x M6? I believe those are the cheapest low-magnified Leica M's? I know that there are other options out there (Hexar RF, Zeiss Ikon, Bessa) but I'd prefer to shoot only Leica bodies because I like the ergonomics/feel. I also prefer mechanical shutters and don't need a meter (so perhaps maybe if I'm lucky I can find one with a broken meter?).