For info on Agfa colour process try a look here

As far as I know Orwo was very similar to the Agfa process CN17 and CNS process (they were always at 20C) and so not compatable with C41 (which is 38C) and trying to process a CNS type film in C41 will melt the emulsion. I think you will have better and easier results processing the colour neg films in B&W chemicals.

The Kodacolor X is C22 process, which C41 replaced in the early 1970's. Again C22 was a 20C process so processing it in C41 can have the same effect as the Agfa colour neg film. I think B&W would be best for this.

Fomachrome would be a transparency film (slides). The names suggests that it belongs to Foma, now in the Czech republic. Bach in the 1950's it would have been part of the Soviet states and so I would safely say that the slide process for this film was an Agfa one not E2 or E4 which were Kodak. (Remember the Soviets took all of Agfa's technical knowhow after WW2). The Agfachrome process is now a dead process, Agfa changing to E6 in the late 1970's, and I don't have any info on the Agfachrome process.

Hope this might help.