This may seem like a trivial question but I will be in Spain and Portugal In Nov. and am trying to decide which cameras to take with me. I will be taking my D300 for sure and want to take a film camera with me as well. I wish I could take my RB67 but way too heavy for this trip so my choices are either my F100 or my FE???
For mt F100 I have a Nikon 50mm f/1.8AF-d and a Nikon 28-105mm.
For the FE I have a 28mm AIS, 35mm AI and 50mm AIS. The FE with the 28 and 50 would be a lighter set up but the F100 with the 50mm AFD and the 28-105 would give me AF.

The reason I ask such a simple question is knowing that some of you have gone through this before and will mention things I haven't considered.