I read a post once (maybe it was on here) about a guy that was given a Polaroid 180 or 195 from an old woman that said her husband had it and after he died she didn't have any use for it. The guy gave her $10 or $20 just so he didn't feel so bad. I suppose if a person went to garage sales and just asked if they had any old cameras they might run back in the house and get that old Rollei that grampa had. It is worth a try. I wrote on here once about a time I was at my sisters and we went downtown and the local newpaper had a display of cameras in the window. All were cheap plastic junk except they had a Mamiya TLR. I had to be the villiage idiot and tell them that was worth something. I probably could have bought it for a song but I had to open my mouth and blow it. I'm hoping it is still there someday and they will let me have it for next to nothing. However, villiage idiots usually don't get a second chance. Ric.