I have the following Hasselblad lenses and extension tubes for sale:


Distagon 50mm CF f/4.0 T* - SN 6779431
Makro-Planar 120mm CF f/4.0 T* - SN: 6894027
Sonnar 150mm CF f/4.0 T* - SN 7038292
Sonnar 180mm CF f/4.0 T* - SN 7512368
Sonnar 250mm CF f/5.6 T* - SN 6721348

The 120, 150, 180, and 250 are 9.8/10 condition. These come with front and rear caps. The 150 and 180 come with lens hoods. Glass, aperture, and shutter are great. I can detect absolutely no issues with these lenses. Close to collector condition. Absolutely beatiful copies of great Zeiss glass.

The 50 is in 7/10 condition. Comes with rear cap and UV filter for the front. Also comes with lens hood. The front glass is great, but the rear element appears to have the beginnings of haze. Very hard to detect, but I noticed it when shining a light through the glass. Takes great pictures, but this lens is not for collecting. The barrel also shows wear and some of the lettering is fading. Again, perfectly useable, but definitely not for collectors. This is a great copy for someone to get a first experience with the Distagon (perhaps for hikers who don't want to worry about blemishing their gear??)


16, 32, and 55 extension tubes. Work perfectly. I've used them singularly and together for macro. These work great also to shorten distances on portrait lenses such as the 150, 180, and 250.

$4200 for everything (net). If you are interested in less than the whole package, please inquire.

1% will be donated to APUG.

E-mail is the best option to contact me at tnabbott@gmail.com.