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Actually it does the opposite. Paper is blind to red whereas with a red filter you're aiming to record only the red light.

Edit: has anyone tried using RA4 for paper negs? One should be able to get fairly panchromatic sensitisation (though the spectrum might be really lumpy or gappy), colour filters on the objective lens will work and if you skip the bleach (just fix) there will be silver in the image that will allow you to make a contact print to B&W paper. I don't think the dyes in the paper would be very useful, e.g. red light will produce cyan dye, which will not cause a density change when printed to a B&W paper. Bonus: supercheap.
Wouldn't the RC substrate cause a bit of a problem?

I guess if you did this, it would be necessary to add an orange filter similar to the mask in C41 colour film.