Coupla points. Rotating disk stops aren't Waterhouse stops. Waterhouse stops are pieces of perforated something (usually metal) that slide into a slit in the lens barrel.

Waterhouse stops haven't been used in lenses for general photography for quite a while, were pretty much gone by 1900. However, process lenses made into the 1990s used them.

Rotating disk stops, also called wheel stops, were used until at least the early 1950s. I have a 60/14 Berthiot Ser. VIa Perigraphe made in 1951 or so that has rotating disk stops.

About the aperture scale. If 4 is the largest they're probably Uniform System stops. US 4 = f/8, US 8 = f/11, US 16 = f/16 and so on. US 512 = f/128