A GPS to walk to the Cape?
I walked to it like a Queen Scout: by keeping my eye on it until I put a foot wrong and...never got there...

Sorry but I don't have a good memory of any dunes seen there, just a bollard marking the start of the track and lots of rabbit and wombat holes, which now seem to have been repatriated. I guess I could bunk down in the back of the go-kart. There is still a steep drop from the track down to the beach? Or a new track with stairs? I agree with timing the visit for low tide, but it depends on what people have in mind regarding the amount of time able to be spent there, as opposed to some of us who could spend a long time indeed 'chasing light'! Importantly, winds of less than 15 knot (nearly calm) would make the seaward rocks more accessible, though freak waves are remembered for the sheer menace they posed (salt spray especially).

Stony Point – Cowes ferry: I have been researching this as I recall movements on the Peninsula that a car ferry was to be introduced on this route (not just a pedestrian-only ferry as is currently run?), but it appears Cowes residents revolted at the idea of construction of an industrial scale pier for the ferry ... and the idea was shelved (?).

BTW, Cowes is some distance away from Woolomai and that means backtracking; there's San Remo (closer); not much there save for a very nice fish 'n chippery. I guess we can always give Cowes a miss if bagging the scene/light is more important — except for Mr Marc Morel who must have his coffee and treats (but in all honesty, I will go bonkers too without my latté! Are there any others with this annoying (but necessary) affliction (the need for coffee, not bonkers, I mean!) ?