From my limited experience (maybe a year with mine?) you're pretty well on track. Your lookup table gives the unit an offset from the 'firmware' in my understanding. The calibration process is a pain. I made several stupid mistakes on each paper/developer combo (forgot to change the filter, and similar stuff) but once you get through that it really is great. The burn-in method is much simpler in practice than it seems in the instructions. The only thing I have difficulty with are extreme exposure times at large (for me) print sizes on my presently preffered slow paper. There's 'only' 240 (?) seconds available (unless theres a simple setting that I've overlooked, anybody like to correct me here?) I often have to expose twice or try some other manipulation to obtain an extra stop or so. I think it's time to find a faster paper or lens. I sometimes have trouble with developer temperature control (hot in my crappy little darkroom). Last summer I had a go with lith and snatched when my temperatures became to difficult to control. I have larger trays now so I may get more stable temps, fingers crossed.

I hope you enjoy you new tool,