Having used the analyser/pro for a number of years, for burn in exposure I take my base exposure as normal, then take exposures of the areas that I think may need a burn or dodge, then palace the leds on the grey scale for the tone I want, then note the given time, for dodging I subtract the dodge from the base exposure and that gives me the dodge time, for burn time I have noted the exposure, then after the base exposure/dodges I set the burn time on the timer press the exposure button for a second or two and the machine subtracts the base from the burn and exposes the paper, It takes a lot more time to type all this into the computer than to actually do the exposure, For the split grade, if, say the base is 20 seconds at 3, then I set the machine to grade 1 and line up the led at 1 onto the grey scale point I want and the time is there on the display, not the time, set it in the timer and the machine does the rest, best piece of darkroom gear I ever bought, saves me a fortune in wasted papers, 90% of the time it is right first time, 10% I need an extra sheet.