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Is 99% TEA hard to obtain in the UK? This subject was brought up a few months ago, and I don't recall a clear conclusion. Does Mistralni sell 98% TEA? I think you can get it at Fototechnik Suvatlar in Germany. In the US, 99% TEA can be purchased from The Chemistry Store. For consistency, I suggest avoiding the 85% TEA sold by the Formulary.

Mark Overton
I have not found a source of relatively pure and inexpensive TEA in the UK.
Mistralni.co.uk is not expensive but is the 85% grade.
Scichem.com sell 500ml 97% grade at GBP 16.07+VAT + ~GBP 12 shipping but need an email request stating what it is required for and details of the buyer whereupon they will decide to supply it or not.

BTW, I don't think a little cloudiness does any harm,I always get it from the carbonate in Pyrocat-HD with no apparent harmful effect.