I'm wondering if Lomo's going to continue their tradition of build quality with this camera...or sadly, the lack thereof. I've bought a number of their cameras & products over the years and most of them either quickly broke or under-performed in a major way. While I love the Diana+'s pictures, it's so flimsy I would fear for its' life if I ever accidentally dropped it. The Diana Mini I bought regularly freezes up in the middle of the roll. Ditto the Lomo 35mm back for the Diana. I like the fact that the Bel Air has a bellows--which makes it a lot more convenient than the very bulky Holga 120 Pano that shoots 6x12cm--but why do I get the feeling that the bellows is going to be the first thing on the Bel Air that's going to come apart? This is a big reason why on the whole I prefer Holga gear over Lomo--the Holgas are in general much sturdier.