I'm on the hunt for a small point and shoot that I can essentially carry with me all the time. Something wallet sized in thickness (height doesn't matter as much). I had a friend suggested the GR1 but these things are *really* expensive! I've been shooting my Rollei 35 but it's still a little too bulky to carry in a pocket all the time.

I'm ideally looking in the $100 range. Don't care what the frame size is, 16 or 35mm, or half frame, the look/style/color/coolness...the glass/output is what I care about. Obviously no auto-focus and a viewfinder/rangefinder would be fine. I'm really in it for portability and quality first. Ideally I could shoot up to 6400 but I can hack that in development if necessary.

I've considered rollei 16's.

What are your thoughts?

P.S. I'd be willing to trade my Rollei 35 for the ideal replacement.