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I did not mean to indicate the instrument was mechanically unreliable, but the results cannot be relied on to give useful information in my printing technique.
That's sort of what I meant when I said, "I think there is just less need for these things [reflection densitometer], with respect to a regular photographer." You're just not finding a practical use for it.

The situation might change if, for example, you found that you preferred the "look" of one paper to another, and wanted to study it to find out why. Maybe it's due to a subtle difference in mid-tone curve shape, which you could discover through sensitometry. On the other hand, the person I call the "regular photographer" might just say, "I like this paper better; I don't really care why, but this is the paper I'm going to use."

For myself, I've found reflection densitometers very useful in doing technical work for a large user (industrial scale) of photo materials. For myself as a regular photographer, not so much use.