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If I recall correctly you need CD-3 for E6 and you likely won't be able to find a source for HQ-monosulfate. There have been several replies here to alternatives for E6 but official E6 is hard to duplicate with current chemical suppliers. CD-4 will work, but is not optimal for permanence of dies and for getting color balance exactly correct.
I received your formulary. Thank you and congratulations! Its an amazing piece of work. I will talk to my friends and will reply you as soon as I have something done.

You say "Note also that the latent image properties for reversal films are not long lived". On "latent image" you say the film BEFORE developing? Is that it? If so I may have a problem because since the E-6 developing costs skyrocketed in Brazil I stopped sending the films to develop and keep them frozen (-18C).

I have films from 2 years ago. Do you think I may lose something because of the age?

Thank you.