I like the T35- (without the flash, at least). The price is awfully steep for a worn camera from 1984, but perhaps I'm drinking the wrong Kool Aid.

The IIA is a interesting little camera...However, I'm looking for a shooter that isn't quite that manual. Something I can spend only a few seconds to set up and take a shot...With that in mind my Rollei was quite manual and I could bang out a decent shot in about 5 seconds (of course I generally shoot 1600 at sunny 11/16's)

If I could get a compact camera that was AP like my Minolta AL-F I'd be in heaven! I'm more of a high iso shooter and flash is not mandatory..

Thanks for all the suggestions!...Checking all of this out..

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If you don't mind manual everything, a Kodak Retina IIA would be awesome. If not, look at a Yashica T4. Terrific little camera with a Zeiss 35mm lens. Or a Contax T/T2. The T/T2 have full auto ( I think the T2 has aperture priority as well), fold up very compactly, and a brilliant Zeiss 35mm f2.8 lens. The T is more compact because the flash is detachable, much like the Olympus XA.


Here's one that's not cosmetically pristine, but still in GWO, at a reasonable price. The T2s are selling for a lot more than you're looking for on Ebay, but that may not be an accurate indicator of real world price.