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I like the T35- (without the flash, at least). The price is awfully steep for a worn camera from 1984, but perhaps I'm drinking the wrong Kool Aid.

The IIA is a interesting little camera...However, I'm looking for a shooter that isn't quite that manual. Something I can spend only a few seconds to set up and take a shot...With that in mind my Rollei was quite manual and I could bang out a decent shot in about 5 seconds (of course I generally shoot 1600 at sunny 11/16's)

If I could get a compact camera that was AP like my Minolta AL-F I'd be in heaven! I'm more of a high iso shooter and flash is not mandatory..

Thanks for all the suggestions!...Checking all of this out..
Bear in mind that's a single example found in a 30-second search on a single venue - Things like that turn up on Craigslist often for less money, and there's always KEH/B&H/Adorama. The price point on the Contax T is because they were premium cameras with class-leading optics and sometimes fancier features than other point-n-shoots of the time. I was going to point you toward a Minolta TC-1 but they're even more ridiculously expensive than the Contax T2/T3 and comparable Leica P&S cameras. They didn't sell well when they were new because they had a Minolta badge on a camera priced to compete with Leicas and Contaxes. Today, they're rare, so they're silly expensive (well north of $600, with collector-grade pieces priced around $1K). The selling points were A: they had titanium bodies, B: they had a 28mm lens instead of a 35mm so they were great travel cameras, and C: the lens had a manual aperture control with effectively waterhouse stops with perfectly round apertures, for better bokeh. If someone handed me one today I would be thrilled to death, but I'm not going to spend that kind of money for one. Same with a Nikon 35ti - They sell for over $350, most over $500. They were created to cater to a specific market (rich fools looking for a point-n-shoot camera they could still play one-upsmanship with).