Ha. I like your style.

That 35TI is pretty f*ckin' cool..Being a Nikon 35 shooter that's sort of an attractive option (I am far from the guy on the Yacht throwing jumbo shrimp off the bow because the marinade doesn't have enough truffle oil). There are a lot of options out there which is great. Also makes it a hard decision...I do like the idea of shooting 35 at 35mm. Although I could theoretically afford a pricier camera, I'm inclined to pay much less to offset the fear of having a $500+ camera in my pocket as a shooter. Much less painful to break or misplace a $100-200 range... By far The most expensive (and my favorite for 15+ years) SLRs I own are my vast collections of Nikon FE and FE2's (I literally have a dozen of these). So my comparisons of SLR's to P&S's are a bit off...

Lots to think about..Thanks for this.

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Bear in mind that's a single example found in a 30-second search on a single venue - Things like that turn up on Craigslist often for less money, and there's always KEH/B&H/Adorama. The price point on the Contax T is because they were premium cameras with class-leading optics and sometimes fancier features than other point-n-shoots of the time. I was going to point you toward a Minolta TC-1 but they're even more ridiculously expensive than the Contax T2/T3 and comparable Leica P&S cameras. They didn't sell well when they were new because they had a Minolta badge on a camera priced to compete with Leicas and Contaxes. Today, they're rare, so they're silly expensive (well north of $600, with collector-grade pieces priced around $1K). The selling points were A: they had titanium bodies, B: they had a 28mm lens instead of a 35mm so they were great travel cameras, and C: the lens had a manual aperture control with effectively waterhouse stops with perfectly round apertures, for better bokeh. If someone handed me one today I would be thrilled to death, but I'm not going to spend that kind of money for one. Same with a Nikon 35ti - They sell for over $350, most over $500. They were created to cater to a specific market (rich fools looking for a point-n-shoot camera they could still play one-upsmanship with).