[COLOR=DarkRed]"Not to sound like a jerk, but Why bother with AF on a 24mm? "[/COLOR]
Exactly my point.

[COLOR=DarkRed]"I can see the guys at Nikon or Canon saying "well, if they are silly enough to want AF in a wide angle I'll bet they'll be silly enough to pay... say 1500?""[/COLOR]

Well I think both Canon and Nikon can make auto-focus for any lens pretty cheaply now. With the Canon L they decided to make it the fastest 24 SLR lens ever. That sadly means it's probably the biggest ever. What bugs me is that on such a wide lens the hyper-focal markings are not more detailed. I have a love/hate affair with this lens. I still have the EF24f2.8, which I'll keep for travelling and taking to this years G8. I'm a bit worried about the potential for camera damage at the G8.

Frank the points you raise about DSLR's is why I have not bought one yet. The small sensor size is a real pain. I'm not that keen on the small viewfinders, but I tend to either focus with the auto-focus or the hyper-focal markings. I find it very hard to focus any auto-focus SLR through the viewfinder, I need the split prism thingy for that.

I don't see the price of the full farme Canon coming down that much in the next year, plus it's a bruiser of an SLR. Not do I see the 20D getting updated for a wee while yet. Though I wonder if the next move for Canon's mid range 'pro-am' model is a slightly bigger sensor.
Unfortunately I need something in the near future to speed up my work flow. I've held off almost as long as I can.

[COLOR=DarkRed]I do like the D70 for what it is, but I don't fancy putting a $1500 28/1.4 (that is what Nikon makes) on a $800 body.[/COLOR]

Why not? My 24L sits on an EOS30.

Meanwhile to try and trun this away from D*****L, anybody know what the Contax viewfinder is like?