I shoot both monorails and flatebeds, and there are pros & cons to each. The Ebony is very nice in
the sense of being compact and lightwt - nice for airline travel and backpacking trips, and superbly
made. If you want a flatbed and can afford Ebony, buy it. They work wood as if it were metal - same
quality of machining, and the hardware is titanium. Precision mfg DOES make a difference. The wood
is either actual ebony or pattern-grade mahogany which has been specially selected and seasoned
for probably decades for dimensional stability. The only thing I didn't like was the fresnel, so I removed it. No big deal. I use the simplified 4x5 RW45 and it takes lenses from around 90mm to 360
using a universal bellows and standard boards. You can extend that range with recessed or tophat
boards, or of course, telephoto design lenses. Don't paint yourself into a corner just with focal length
lenses you are currently interested in - you might change your mind later and appreciate greater
flexibility in the system.