The Chinese or Russians or many others have satelites that can image the moons surface. Im sure if they could proove the landing site was empty they would be only to happy to expose the fraud. It would be nice if theyd point hubble at the site and take a photo of the flag and abandoned hasselblads

What about the ISS, do you believe in that?

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Actually NASA said that the overwriting of the asserted lunar landing happened by mistake. For years they claimed they had "lost" the tape. Only recently they said they have conclusive evidence that they overwrote it by mistake.

Besides, they would be total idiots to spend untold billions of taxpayer money to (supposedly) go to the moon and then save on the cost of the magnetic tape on the only real proof they have. That amounts to climbing the Everest and then not taking pictures because film is expensive. The proportion of the film cost to the cost of climbing the Everest is probably bigger than the tape cost to the cost of the Apollo project.

It should also be noted, as a mere fact, that by some other "mistakes" NASA lost the telemetry data of all missions and the blueprints of the lunar vehicles.

That wouldn't be a big problem, they had some lunar vehicles identical to those that they say went on the moon but, guess what, they destroyed them, I don't know if "by mistake" or "to recover the metal", metal is, as everybody knows, expensive. The lunar vehicle (I don't remember its name) which is in the Alabama museum (or wherever) is a different prototype and is not like those who they say went on the moon.

And before you run to conclusions yes I am one of those who greatly, greatly doubt about the truth of what the NASA say about man on the moon.

If you want to exercise your ability to doubt just search the internet and you'll find plenty of information that might shake your received beliefs.


PS I don't intend wasting my time debating the thing here in detail. Internet is FULL of information for those who have eyes to see. Those who just need to believe that Man went on the moon can also be content with the explanation that magnetic tape was recycled to save on its cost . Anything can be told to a true believer and he will buy it.