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Yes, I understand (and appreciate) all this concern about flying safety.

Not only I called them as Iīv been there. Itīs 20 min walking from my house. They were very nice and helpfull (like all you guys). They even gave me Fujifilm's Pro-6 handbook. They donīt call it "E-6".

The problem is that they donīt have small 5-liters or 10-liters Kit, only big 40-liters drums. And the process is a bit tricky because in some point you need make air bubbles go through the solution and I donīt know how to do it in my Jobo.

Not to mention that a few time ago Fujifilm stopped to sell Pro-6 chemicals what caused a shortage on the market and all labs stopped developing chrome untill Fujifilm resume the selling.

Conclusion: we canīt trust on Fujifilm.
I used Fuji as an example, you can do your own research on other possible products. If you want to roll your own, the key is to find a bulk chemical importer. They may be able to get the chemicals you need from their suppliers. The only thing CD3 and CD4 are trade names for actual chemicals, bulk suppliers probably need the chemical names . I found the names here They are long and torturous so you can hit the link for them. The key with bulk chemical importers, is they import lots of other dangerous stuff, so they are dealing with the importing and proper paperwork, although it may still be expensive. Take the formulas to the supplier to see if they can get everything on your list.