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I suppose the compensating metronome has limited interest. You need a cold light with a Zone VI photo sensor installed and an AC footswitch to turn the light on and off. Also you need someone who wants to print counting beeps as opposed to using a timer. And considering you would need to sell it as-is maybe your give away is closer to it's value in today's market for darkroom equipment.
I have a Zone VI cold light ( original, not v54 ), and I print by counting metronome clicks... but I think I'm set in my "let it warm up" ways now and probably don't need a compensating metronome. I've got a meter that I used to hook up to the photodiode sensor but the fact is the light is pretty stable after it overcomes initial warmup and I'm getting perfectly repeatable results. I'm patient so I don't mind a bit of wait for warmup. Probably I'll kick myself someday for not getting one when I had the chance!