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It does have distinguishing marks and I do have the SN...The shop in question takes down the seller's personal information specifically because they must legally do so in case of police queries.

Now a smart thief never off loads locally. But most house break ins are by junkies, well they are here in the UK, and they ain't exactly got their brains fully engaged. Now the guy in the camera shop may well turn this dude away/ or not pay any real attention to him, and the thief is not that likely to give any real personal info. That's why it would be a good idea to talk to the guys/girls in the shop first. So they will take it in (tell em you'll give em the trade in price) and have a good look at the dude.
Good luck with getting your camera back and catching the theif. And don't forget the secondhand camera stores in the next town down the road. I'm sure most camera shops hate thiefs as much as the rest of us.

Sadly your theif may just sling it in a bin, or off load it some other way.