Hi APUG members,

My name is Karl and I'm from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
I have a black and white darkroom, and I shoot mostly 35mm, but I do love getting out with the TLR.
I've been popping in and out of this site for about two years now; but I've decided it's about time I joined.

I have an obsession with art, images, music, sound, words, expression, people: life. This obsession includes cameras: I'm always amazed at photography; images made by a machine/light/chemistry convolution. For me to look at a photograph is to look at an echo, an efigy, an imprint, a facinating document from the "blind instrument" as Andre Breton put it. It's a strange thing; suspended in time, like a frozen butterfly, sitting there inert, full of everything yet nothing.

There's no law, or decree from god as to how to use a camera; it's in our hands.