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Has anyone done this?

I'm going on an extended trip to New Zealand from the US and am toying with the idea of taking along some basic chemicals to develop film while on the road.

Sodium Sulfite
Sodium metaborate (Kodalk)

All packed in white plastic bottles with labels from the Photographers Formulary. (like that makes a difference).
Everything would be carried in my check-in luggage, along with developing tank etc. My film and cameras would go
in my carry on.

Now, given the current travel climate this could be an incredibly stupid idea, inviting all sorts of trouble and problems.
I can already picture myself landing in Gitmo, with some 300 lbs goon burning toilet paper between my toes.

Has anyone done this? Does it help if you register this material with some agency or the airline?

Maybe I should just have it shipped it to me once I get to NZ...

If it's not ORM-D, there shouldn't be much of a problem tbh with dry stuff. Most people flip out and way over exaggerate. It's actually pretty lax in my experience, even transferring through China a month before the olympic games (on an Aussie passport though, with VISA on entry).