"Modern" 35mm camera bodies like the F5/6/N90(s) and the EOS range of slr's allow 1/3 f-stop adjustment of shutter speeds and/or aperture(using compatible lenses mind you).

To folk like myself who enjoy using slide film, with its lower dynamic range than negative materials, frankly NEED those tiny adjustments, to get the best results possible.

Also, if you have a chance to use the G-series Nikkor AF lenses, i think you'll find yourself floored by the results capable with these "digital" lenses. I use the 50mm 1.8G for my own shooting, and its WAY sharper corner-->corner than my 1.4 AI-S MF lens. Horses for courses, the 1.4AIS has more 'character' than the 1.8G IMO, but the AF is plenty fast, and the sharpness really aids in making clearer, more well defined pictures with these 'miniature' format cameras(vs my 645 or 8x10 cameras ).

YMMV, these are just my observations