I use a Linhof Bi-Kardan for 4x5. I keep looking for rear standards to make it a 'convertible' rather than carrying 2 separate cameras. Over the years the 'prices' on gear I was looking for seemed to keep increasing out of my 'affordable' range and instead decided to get an 8x10 B & J. Not a 'bad' looking camera when it arrived... but I am afraid that the surplus US Navy WWII battleship grey paint was a bit of a turn-off... and it was soon decided that that paint would come off nice and easy with the aid of a tin on "1860 Furniture Stripper"... to reveal some well put together Maple. The wood did not need any re-sanding whatsoever. It was then given a few of coats of Tung oil as a 'natural finish' and now looks kinda 'proud' sitting atop a nice wooden tripod. I did however install a new 3/8' tripod bushing such that it 'sat' better balanced on the tripod head.