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Really?! So you mean that if I use regular phenidone I must use the solution within a day? How long will it last? Is it possivel to use regular phenidone and keep the working solution on low temperature to make it lasts longer? How cold should it be?
I can't tell you exact numbers, but on more than one occasion I have self mixed developers and used them after a few days without problems. I did not do any sensitometric tests, though, and my b&w devs worked at much lower pH than E6 FD. Note that most commercial developers are made with Dimezone-S, but their concentrates are expected to have long shelf lives. Testing will be the only way to find out, in other words, don't use it on your most important roll first if you use the dev after a week.
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As far as I know it is CD-2 and CD-4, but Im not positive sure. Probably you are right.
Look here for a recipe which comes from Fuji's patents and which has PhotoEngineer's official blessing. All Cd-x compounds will produce colors, but with slightly different hue and stability. Since the dye couplers in E6 are specifically made to work with CD-3, that's what I would use.

You will have problems getting the highly toxic 1-Thioglycerol, but it can be substituted by other compounds or left out at the expense of a bit longer bleach times. The stabilizer can be substituted by a simple recipe provided here. If you do that, you don't need the "Formaldehyde sodium bisulfite adduct" in the prebleach any more. The "Nitrilo-N,N,N-trimethylene phosphonic acid pentasodium salt" is a chelating agent which you can leave out if you use distilled water. Note that you will have to adjust pH if you change compositions!