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No, not from myside, I was just a bit busy the last days. A few days ago I received your very nice color pinhole prints. I like them, especially as I never do color with my pinhole cameras. And so I am alway surprised how nice a color pinhole print turns out. Out of your prints I like the print with the red windows and white curtain the most. It is a beautiful image.

However, I am a bit late but hope to be able to print this weekend and then the prints will go out early next week. Hope you wil like them as much as I like yours.

I am excited to see what you have photographed.
This was my first roll of color in the pinhole camera to my failed memory. I was amazed at how it resolved the color in the images. Glad you liked the ones I sent. The window image and the one of the hut in the garden are both now here in the APUG gallery for others to see.