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Bill, yes I have noticed that prices of Contax G1's and 2's are very keen these days. And I understand the optics are excellant. Do you know if the wider lenses have good hyper-focal markings? Or are they pure auto-focus cameras.
Gareth, the lenses do not have hyper-focal or any other distance markings. Manual focus is possible, but it is electronic manual focus via a focus wheel on the front of the camera & the only feedback is distance readings in the LCD window on the camera.

The Contax G system can best be described as a non-SLR autofocus system. It is at its best when used as an autofocus camera. It's rangefinder system is probably more similar to the split image rangefinder used on SLRs than to the long baseline rangefinder used on Leicas & other traditional rangefinder cameras. However, it's non-TTL focusing system eliminates the SLR mirror & allows for rangefinder-type lens designs.